On September 16, 2015, 89 percent of identified local domestic violence programs in the United States and territories participated in the 2015 National Census of Domestic Violence Services. The following figures represent the information reported by the 1,752 participating programs about services provided during the 24-hour period

Victims Served In One Day - 71,828

Hotline Calls Answered - 21,332

Unmet Request For Housing – 63%

Request Services In One Day –12,197

Currently, victims of domestic abuse have unmet needs for both short and long-term housing. This includes emergency shelters, transitional shelters, and ultimately, permanent housing. Shelters provide immediate safety to battered women along with their children. The longer a woman stays in the shelter, the less space the shelter has to house more women in times of crisis; however, the longer a woman is allowed to stay, the more time she has to gather the resources—individual or group counseling, job readiness classes, legal services, etc.—that will equip her for her and her children’s future.

PCF recognizes the shortage of permanent housing and is committed to renovate homes in each of the 32 NFL cities across America. Our holistic approach aims to take families from rescue and survival to empowerment with education, home ownership, and community development.

The heart of charity is compassion and kindness. With our Charity to Enterprise approach, we also provide market-driven sustainable solutions that not only provide aid to women and their children, but also transform lives and communities.

Societal transformation can only become a reality with a combined effort of community and corporations in all areas of influence. PCF aims to mobilize domestic violence organizations and professionals within a community and build relationships for the purpose of applying a collective approach for a lasting solution.  In order for us to foster the foundation of a thriving and self-reliant community with our enterprising strategy involving our three concepts: education, homeownership, and community involvement, we need you!